Hi there! I’m Crystal, owner-founder of Something Green Floral Design and passionate florist of all botanicals, dried, fresh and beyond! This dream came about after several years of floristry, seeing a need for a more “green” option. Here we are in the mountains, in the heart of nature, yet sustainable options are not mentioned when it comes to designing with such elements. Growing up collecting weird little seed pods, drying grasses and pressing flowers has instilled a calling to seek beauty in botanicals. Whether it be the woods or a flower farm, peace, inspiration and joy can always be found in nature.

So enough about me, let’s create something beautiful, a signature that tells your story, while supporting the environment for the next. Love in abundance. Let’s keep it that way!

Who we Support

Supporting local conservation of trails and natural resources that protect the beauty surrounding us.

Supporting global conservation in nature, reducing threats to protect the biodiversity of Earth.